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King Aenys II Targaryen is the son of former King Viserys III Targaryen, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. After the death of his father he is now the King of the Iron Throne.

History Edit

King Aenys II was born to his father Viserys III Targaryen and mother Mysaria Rogare. Viserys would sigh in relief when Aenys was born, pleased that he finally had a son to continue his line, but many of the family did not see it this way. Aenys, while having Valyrian features, were the soft ones of Lys, rather than the harsh ones of the Dragonlords. In addition, many questioned Prince Aenys' role as Prince Aegor had established himself as a worthy heir, as had the King's daughter, Jaehaera, who had children of her own.

As of yet King Viserys has failed to declare his intentions for young Aenys, having falling ill and near incapable since his birth. Aenys becomes shaken in 380 AC after seeing his father on his death bed.

Family Edit

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