The Battle of the Banks was the largest battle of the War of the Lords Scorned in 333 AC, and marked the end of the fighting between the rebels and the royal forces.

Bolstered by levies from across his kingdoms, King Aegon VI marched on Harrenhal to finally end the petty rebellion. Mycah Strickland and his army had fled to his keep, but found themselves unwelcome thanks to the betrayal of his cousin, Lord Jason Bracken.

With no castle to hide in, the rebels ran, and before long were caught by the royal forces on the banks of the God's Eye. Battle was had, and the severely outnumbered rebels were put to the sword. Eventually, their army broke and their leaders, most notably Strickland himself, were taken prisoners.

With victory at the God's Eye secured, Aegon sent a detachment of five thousand men to relieve Maidenpool and bring an end to the war. Mycah Strickland and his conspirators were executed, with many more being sent to the Wall, or having hostages taken.

Within months of the war's end, House Targaryen of Harrenhal would be established by Aegon, granting the keep to his son, Maekar. Prince Maekar was wed to Morganna Mooton, reward for her father's staunch defence of Maidenpool, despite eventually losing the castle.