House Crakehall is one of the primary noble houses from the Westerlands. Their seat, Crakehall, is located along the Ocean Road, at the south of the Westerlands, between the Sunset Sea and a large forest. The Crakehalls are known for their uncommon robustness.

Their arms depict a black and white brindled boar on brown. According to semi-canon sources their words are "None so Fierce".

History Edit

The Crakehalls are a house of First Men origin who claim descent from Crake the Boarkiller from the Age of Heroes.

After defeating King Hagon Hoare, Ser Aubrey Crakehall briefly ruled as King of the Iron Islands before being drowned by the Shrike.

One of the outstanding supporters of Daemon Blackfyre mentioned by Ser Eustace Osgrey was Redtusk, who could have been a Crakehall. Ser Roland Crakehall was one of the three members of the Kingsguard that escorted part of the royal family to Ashford. He and his sworn brothers took part in the trial of seven on the side of Prince Aerion. Roland was one of the three Kingsguard knights who lead the loyalist forces to thwart the Second Blackfyre Rebellion.

Along with Merrett Frey, Jaime squired for Lord Sumner Crakehall against the Kingswood Brotherhood. Ser Elys Westerling and Lord Roland Crakehall were the first to enter the throne room of the Red Keep after Jaime slew King Aerys II.

House Crakehall participated in the War of The Rock on the side of Tyrek Lannister.

Location Edit

House Crakehall sits in Crakehall, a keep in the southwestern westerlands. It is located on the Searoad along the Sunset Sea, south of Lannisport and north of Old Oak. Cornfield and Red Lake are east of Crakehall. There is a large forest in the vicinity of the castle.

Family Tree Edit

  • Lord Roland Crakehall, Lord of Crakehall.
    • Ser Tybolt Crakehall, his eldest son and heir to Crakehall.
    • Ser Lyle Crakehall, his second son, called the "Strongboar".
    • Ser Merlon Crakehall, his third son.
  • Ser {Burton Crakehall}, his brother. A fierce knight.

Notable Members Edit

  • Crake the Boarkiller, the legendary founder of House Crakehall.
  • Ser Aubrey Crakehall, briefly a King of the Iron Islands.
  • Ser Clarent Crakehall, slain during the Battle by the Lakeshore.
  • Ser Roland Crakehall was a knight of the Kingsguard during the reigns of Daeron II and Aerys I.