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Jaegar was born of a nothern whore. Una was a talented one. So talented that when she went south, she caught the eye of a dragon. She came home when found out she was pregnant and his child's fatherhood was pretty clear by the baby's valyrian features. The boy's hair was dyed black on an attempt to draw less attention and his mother taught him how to read, fearing his father wouldn't accept him if he wasn't "lordly" enough.

The kid lived on White Harbor for his whole life, but his mother was one day killed by an angry customer. His friends from the alleys helped him to deal with the man, the same friends taught him how to use axes, that he dual wields to this day, and how to discover information by not so conventional ways... One day he found an old manuscript about sieges, he read it, paying more attention to the weapons over anything else, he decorated the plans and measurements, hoping it would be useful.

When he completed 20 years, Jaegar undyed his hair and left White Harbor, he became a sellsword and gained experience in battle and life. In the current year, he heard about his father's fight and decided it was time to meet him.

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Timeline Edit

355 AC - Jaegar is born

367 AC - Jaegar's mother is killed and he starts living with thugs and thieves

375 AC - Jaegar becomes a sellsword

380 AC - Jaegar decides do meet his father

Family Edit

Mother: Una

Father: Maegor Targaryen


  • Durran Blackfyre
  • Helaena Flowers
  • Aegon Rivers
  • Brynden Stone
  • Rheagel Waters
  • Jaehra Sand
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