This page is dedicated to collecting those sources of information, lore, face claims, and all other relevant items that might help in a roleplay. Feel free to add anything you think might help another player, and borrow what you like, as well!

ASOIAF SourcesEdit

A Search of Ice and Fire - Using this page you can search all of the currently released ASOIAF books, including the short stories and The World of Ice and Fire. Great for that quote or bit of lore you can't find anywhere else.

The Citadel - The Citadel contains tons of information on Westeros, including lists of clothing, food, weapons, and technology mentioned in the book, as well as ideas on Dornish Court, and lore on all eight regions of Westeros.

A Wiki of Ice and Fire - The main wiki for the series, this comprehensive site contains articles on everything from Wights to Wun Wun.

Faceclaims and ArtEdit

***Pictures used for face claims on the wiki must either be period-accurate, or must be edited in a way that modern clothing cannot be discerned. If they do not meet these requirements, they will be subject to removal and/or deletion. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter, to help keep the accurate feel of the time period. Thanks!

Face Claim Helper - Though many RPers tend to go hunting for their face claims, or have one in mind already, this site might help if you find yourself stuck.

Imaginary Westeros - A great place to find fan art of various characters and locations in the series, as well as general images that draw their inspiration from the world of ASOIAF. The entire Imaginary Network is a goldmine of fantastic images.

Roleplay Gateway - A collection of stills and gifs from various movies and tv shows, all with period-appropriate attire. The site is large, though, and all one page - may be taxing on older machines.

ArtStation - Is a showcase for artists, mostly focused on games, film, and media in general. There are some fantastic faceclaims to be found, however, as many very talented artists post their work here. Able to be sorted by subject matter.

Honeybee3's Album - an imgur album that contains 226 pictures of period appropriate men, 206 pictures of period appropriate women, 36 pictures of families, and 12 couples. An invaluable source of faceclaims and inspiration.

ASOIAF Fancasting Resource - An extensive, thorough source of faceclaims and period appropriate images owned by and Over 35 pages long and constantly updated. To support it's creators, click here!

Fantasy RPG Faceclaims - A blog containing scores of stills that can serve as medieval/high fantasy faceclaims, taken from movies and television shows. All are high quality and list the name of the character, their actor, and the source of the material.


Westerosi Names - A list of names commonly found in Westeros, organized by gender.

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