Summerhall is a rebuilt castle in the stormlands. Originally a lightly fortified castle used by House Targaryen as a summer castle and royal residence, it was destroyed in a great fire in 259 AC. Nearly one hundred years later in 349 AC, Summerhall was reconstructed by Prince Baelor Targaryen, who was named its lord. While the heir apparent to the Iron Throne was known as the Prince of Dragonstone, a younger son could be titled the Prince of Summerhall.

Located in or near the foothills of the Red Mountains, the castle of Summerhall is close to the stormlands' border with the Reach, east of the Cockleswhent and southeast of the Blueburn. The Boneway runs south from Summerhall through the Dornish Marches to Yronwood in Dorne.

It is currently a permanent residence for House Targaryen of Summerhall.

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